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Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is one of the most useful technological inventions of recent times that has helped reduce the cost of various business requirements considerably. It has made data storage more secure and reliable and quite cost-effective. iGeek provides world-class cloud services to fit your business needs.

Services we offer

Augmenting Private Clouds

Digital transformation is required to address the issue. Therefore, we offer complete package of cloud services, including – cloud infrastructure and cloud security.

Cloud Enablement Solutions

The connected devices will require the data from the cloud center and that too without human interpretation. Also, the cloud will required the IoTs to transform or transfer the data.

Provisioning Of Cloud Resources

One must understand the infrastructure of the cloud model that enterprise is going to adopt. This will also help in addressing the future needs.

Cloud Engineering Services

Our engineers are experts in leveraging the cloud and helping you maximize your ROI, improve your scalability, reliability, and security.

The iGeek’s Advantage

iGeek looks towards the cloud in whole different manner as the technology is still in its shaping days and hence, there are a lot many possibilities of twist, turn, update and moderation.

Cloud Consult

Our cloud consultation team helps you to analyze your business thoroughly and decide on the right type of cloud service that your business will need. It helps to figure out the exact areas in which cloud solutions can help enhance your business.

Cloud Design

After analyzing and deciding on the cloud services needed, the team at iGeek will help you design a precise and effective cloud to suit your business model.

Cloud Build

This is where engineers and cloud architects come into the picture. A lot of technology goes into building a cloud to engineering it and making it suitable to match your requirements.

Cloud Deliver

Once the cloud is designed and built, it goes through a series of functional and non-functional testing to ensure its effective working. It is also subjected to mock operations before being delivered to your company.

Cloud Operate

Operation of the cloud requires a bit of technical expertise. We have a designated team to provide accurate, efficient and timely support for your in-house projects on cloud.

Our Domain Expertise

Cloud Applications

Building user-friendly cloud application to enhance business functionalities and growth.

Cloud Mobility

Mobilizing the cloud for its seamless and smooth functioning.

Cloud Orchestration

Helping the business choose the perfect private and public cloud services.

Cloud Infrastructure

Building an apt cloud infrastructure tailor-made to fit your business needs.

Cloud Security

Developing a highly secure cloud infrastructure resistant to cyber-attacks.

Cloud Analytics/AI

Analyzing the functionalities of the cloud for future development.

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