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ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

As the name suggests, ESB acts as a bus or a messenger between two applications to aid the communication between them. Most applications, if not all are inter-dependent and should work in tandem to perform a certain function. It is necessary for them to be connected effectively which can be achieved with the help of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). ESB is an ever-evolving technology which is imperative in the software domain.

Why an ESB?

Well, there are a number of software applications and platforms that perform tasks individually and are too efficient at that. But, what if you want data to be exchanged between the two applications for an even advanced functionality? This is when the ESB comes into the picture. It facilitates easy communication between the two applications.

ESB solution


Upgrading several fine-grained individual components to a single, advanced composite service which is done to enhance the reusability and manageability of the components.


Help transform files from one form to another. Example, convert a .csv file to either a soap format or an XML format.


Negotiate a number of transfer protocols between multiple formats like HTTP and JDBC.


The UCLA ESB has been in application since 2014 and is especially used in enterprise integration. It facilitates the flow of information between applications in a safe and secure manner enabling real-time exchange of data.

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