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IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet of Things is sure to take over the digital world and soon we will be able to switch on or off our gas stoves at home from our mobile phones while at work or vacation. IoT is going to be the technology to reckon for and at iGeek, we have foreseen the future and have started imbibing IoT in the services we provide.

We are trying to integrate human life with technology in order to make your lives more convenient and easy.

Service Offered at iGeek

IoT Consulting

Developing IoT-enabled application can be challenging and require a lot of time to be spent in its analysis and study. You can discuss with us about your business requirements and how to integrate it with the IoT. The consultation with iGeek helps you in identifying the key points and areas where IoT can be used.

Integration & Implementation

Not only consultation, but we also help with the seamless integration and implementation of IoT in your business. We thoroughly analyze your current system in use and then design ways for efficient integration of IoT within it.

Analytics & Insights

With IoT, we help the business get holistic insights and analysis of commercial aspect which most companies find it difficult to get.

Standardization & Transformation

IoT is being integrated into regular businesses to standardize and transform certain key things but not to change the business as a whole. We make sure that IoT solutions provided by iGeek do not come in the way of your business requirements, culture, and environment but simply adds functional value to it.

Cyber Security

With the IoT spreading its wings worldwide and making its presence felt, cyber security is our top priority. With the alarming increase in cybercrime, we intend to use IoT to provide the best cybersecurity protection.

Niche Services

We aim to pioneer in delivering world-class IoT solutions to different types of industries using various technological solutions. The current technological era is full of innovation and we make sure our solutions deliver exactly that.

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