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Testing and QA

What is software testing?

Testing methodology is one of the most integral parts of software development where the correct working of the software is ensured. During testing, we make sure that the product works as expected and there are no undesired side-effects. A software is a complex set of programs that are entwined with each other to perform certain functions. A software testing makes sure that all the functions work as required be it individually or in combination with other functions.

What are Software Testing Methodologies?

This kind of testing is usually performed to test the functionality of the built software. There are three stages of functional testing – unit testing, integration testing, system testing.

Unit Testing

This kind of testing is performed to test the individual modules or units of a software usually performed by the developers. It is to make sure if that particular unit of software performs as expected.

Integration Testing

Usually, each module of a software might perform well individually but not as expected when integrated with other modules. Integration testing performed after unit testing is to ensure the functionality of the software as a whole.

System Testing

After the software is tested individually as a unit and as a whole, we now test it as a whole by integrating the software and the hardware components and checking for errors and bugs. This is a black-box testing methodology to test the software under user conditions.

Non-functional Testing

Functional testing is usually performed to check how the software functions. Non-functional testing deals with the testing of UI, scalability, reliability, user-friendliness, and availability. The types of non-functional testing are as follows:

Performance Testing

This is to test how the application performs with real-time data and heavy load. It tests the efficiency and the failure points of the system if the load exceeds its capacity. The types of performance testing include Load Testing – to test the system behavior under specific load, Stress testing – to test the maximum capacity of the system, Spike testing – testing by sudden increase in the number of users and the system’s response towards it and Soak testing – to test the endurance capabilities of the system.

Compatibility Testing

This testing is performed to see how compatible and flexible the software is with hardware platforms, operating systems, mobile platforms, web browsers and other applications that is a need for the smooth and efficient functioning of the application.

Usability Testing

A software and application developed must be user-friendly and must not take too much time in figuring out how to use it. Usability testing ensures that the software is self-explanatory, easy to use and pleasant to see.

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